Every human is a masterpiece
Chateau Chapiteau, Georgia
of humanity
Chateau Chapiteau, Georgia / 28.09-02.10.2023
Is about the celebration of life in all its forms: Birth, creation, embodiment, sexuality, grief, shadows, warmth, joy, inspiration, sorrow, spirituality, death, transformation.
Is a space where there is ample room for any human experience. Yet the festival space encourages the responsibility for one’s own feelings and states, as well as the respect for the boundaries of ourselves and others. And most importantly, the invitation for supporting each other interdependently.
Is the pinnacle of co-creation. Where being inspired by the uniqueness of each human, we will together weave the unique pattern of our own world, Staying connected to ourselves as we connect to others and to the local community.
Is an ecstatic 3 day life-cycle journey in Kakheti, Georgia. 111 Human beings will come together for an experience that will never be repeated. In the course of these 3 full days of the festival, each participant will have the chance to live through their own creation and transformation. Shedding the old and obsolete, and embracing what is truly aligned for them.

To do this, we will create an intentional space and will be using the tools and practices that will enable us to live the festival lifecycle by researching ourselves and integrating all parts of ourselves through this enabling environment, other humans and new experiences.
of humanity
November 128 September - arrival and accommodation
28 September at 17:00 - Opening Ceremony (Birth of the Festival).
29 September - Authentic Relating workshop & Full Moon Ceremony (Culmination). It will be powerful.
30 September - Death workshop & Breathwork Ceremony
1 October - Grief workshop & Closing Ceremony (Death of the Festival).
2 October - departure
Chateau Chapiteau, Kakheti, Georgia
We chose Georgia for the warm September, juicy fruits, a lot of cheese, easy to get to to, relatively low prices, its hospitality and vivid culture, including perserved traditions around death and grief.

Kakheti conquered us by the beauty of its hilly valleys full of vineyards, breathtaking mountain views, kind hearted kakhetians, and a healthy balance of work and hedonism.

Chateau Chapiteau will be hosting our Festival in its magical forest with hobbits like cabins, circus tents, beautiful lagoons. But more importantly its a place with very warm, loving and free people, that never stopped believing in Humanity.
We are all different, yet what unites us is our humanity. It is humanity that enables us to feel our unity and power.
We truly believe that every human is a masterpiece. A masterpiece that requires certain conditions in order to reveal itself fully in its unique creative expression. Self-inquiry, communion, and authenticity is a gift to this world. Which may be brighter, kinder and warmer if every human being was able to express their uniqueness in the world.
It’s essential to celebrate life. Especially since there is so much pain and suffering around us. Festivities and pleasures are where we are able to derive resources necessary for tackling challenging situations and emotions, losses and sorrows. It is crucial to create spaces of celebration.
We as the producers of the festival ensure its conception and it’s coming-into-being. However, the emergence of the unique spirit of the festival depends on each and every participant's contribution of their unique energy of creation into the space. That is how the festival will evolve to something bigger than any one of us individually.

As part of the conception of the festival, we as producers are also responsible for selecting the participants that match the festival’s values and who are prepared to contribute their energy to the experience before it actually launches. We will also be responsible for creating the most supportive container for each participant to reveal their true self and actualize their potential to bring their energy of co-creation.
Serving the world out of resources and abundance, with sincere desire to share and give as much as currently possible and desirable feels completely different than serving the world out of scarcity, fear or guilt. During the festival we will focus on cultivating our inner-voice, connecting to our true desires and creating only from a place that is a huge YES! for us.
Serving the world out of desire, not obligation
During the festival, we will strongly encourage participants to use the tools of NonViolent Communication and Authentic Relating. They will be the key to creating an inclusive, honest and authentic environment between participants.

During the opening days of the Festival we will hold workshops to share the key tools that may be used and practiced during the Festival. This will help enhance the quality of communications and hence the depth of contact and experience.
Nonviolent communication and Authentic relations as a language of communication
Each and every adult participant is responsible for their safety and security, feelings, states, and consequences of the choices they make. Parents are responsible for their children. The Festival of Humanity calls for seeking, revealing, and relying upon one’s own resources. It is about radical adulthood which does not exclude the notions of support and community, And as we will support each other only from the desire to do so, it’s imperative that we also cultivate a sense of self-responsibility.

Taking responsibility for one’s own experience is a crucial step in the process of growth and co-creation. We must trust each other to be in integrity with ourselves first, so we can lean on one another.
The Festival includes but is not limited to volunteering and networking with the locals, not at the tourist to local level but rather at the human to human level. This enables the participants to delve into the Indian culture, share their authentic humanity with the local community members, and create real connections as humans and not just as visiting foreigners.
Synergy with local community
for you if
You are looking for your tribe. The humans with whom you will be completely accepted just as you are and will value and celebrate your unique expression and manifestation, which in turn will super-charge it.
You really want to explore your freedom to express yourself, but it's scary or uncomfortable to do it in your usual environment.
You love fun, dancing and celebrating along with spiritual practices and self-development.
You realize the value of the present moment and understand that the only truly guaranteed experience of life, is death. The rest is in your hands.
You don't think there is a certain way to live your life that others should follow. On the contrary, you are curious about the choice of others to live your life and are open to enriching and expanding your vision through the excellent experience of others.
You wish to live your life in such a way that when you leave this place of existence, you will have minimal regrets.
It is important for you to be able to build a deep connection with people and  the world.
You believe in the power of humanity and live with an open heart.
You know how or want to learn how to play for the sake of the game, and not for the sake of the result.
will gain?
  • Possibility to spend 11 days in the company of warm-hearted people who share your values.
  • Possibility to spend 11 days in the company of warm-hearted people who share your values.
  • Chance to sync with nature’s rhythms (moon cycle).
  • Have fun with those who know how to do that in a qualitative way.
  • Possibility to revealing your new and previously unknown facets via new experiences.
  • Reboot yourself in the space with high concentration of changing events and people.
  • Get to know 110 humans – masterworks and learn the tools to get immersed into each of these humans – universes as deeply as possible without losing your authenticity in the process.
  • Expand your vessel, research and enquire your personal boundaries while preserving your center when interacting with a great number of people.
  • Feel and exercise your creative energy: Become part of a large-scale stream of creativity and create one major masterwork.
  • Gain a deep knowledge of India and its special state – Kerala – via volunteering and touching upon its culture through its people.
  • Chance to touch upon the experiences of our speakers who glow with enthusiasm.
  • Possibility of living in the space where spiritual and material are equally important.
We will be jointly celebrating birth of this new life, contributing to its adolescence and senescence, watch our energy as contributed to this new life created by the 111 people evolve and transform.

And, finally, we will be grieving and mourning the completion and dying of the Festival, treasuring the gifts we managed to receive during the time the Festival had been alive.
One of the festival’s key ideas is the importance of lifecycles.

We all undergo the same cycles in our lives: Birth, childhood, adolescence, coming-of-age and maturity, activity peak, senescence, and dying.
In the course of 11 days of the Festival we strive to recreate the process of undergoing these lifecycles by way of enquiring our relation to the Festival as an independent life.

The life that is spawned, enters the world with 111 witnesses on November 1st, then undergoes its culmination under full moon conditions on November 8th, and dies on November 11th with the same 111 witnesses.
The Festival is free from understandings of how anyone should live their life
Hence the Festival is not intended to be bound to a certain way of life, type of nutrition, religion or philosophy, or type of relations or sexual orientation. The purpose of the Festival is, inter alia, to get enriched by experiences of other people which differ from our own experiences, by showing sincere curiosity.
Фестиваль свободен от представлений о том, как кому нужно жить свою жизнь
we are kids-friendly
The festival offers a programme for children, allowing parents to fully immerse themselves in adult practices without missing out. During the adult workshops for children, there are parallel activities for different ages. Children will create handmade crafts including memory boxes, take part in a quest journey in the fairy tale forest of Shapito, play games exploring the meaning of life and death, as well as dance, have fun and end the journey with a light pantomime with a workshop and performance from the actors.

The schedule of children's activities coincides with that of the adults, and children return to their parents in between activities.

For children from 4 years old
Now we want to introduce you to the main activities of the Festival.

The full schedule will be available closer to the opening dates and will include yoga, photo quest, lectures, workshops and much more :)
Thursday, 28 September
Opening ceremony of the Festival
Friday, 29 September
13:00 - Authentic Relationship Workshop
21:00 - Full Moon Ceremony, DJ-set
Saturday, 30 September
13:00 - Death Workshop
18:00 - Minute of Silence / Breathwork Ceremony
21:00 - DJ-set
Sunday, 1 October
13:00 - Grief Workshop
18:00 - Ecstatic Dance
21:00 - Festival Closing Ceremony
Early birds prices that will be increased after the first 20 tickets are sold
Day Pass
90 euro till 9.09
  • Participation in 1 full day of the Festival
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Festival merchandise
Member's ticket
260 euro
  • Participation in 3 days of the Festival
  • Participation in all announced and planned activities/workshops/practices and classes
  • Ecstatic dance, DJ sets and live music
  • Full moon ceremony
  • Festival merchandise
  • Photo quest
  • Breathwork ceremony
  • Access to drinking water/tea/coffee

Before we've all lived the experience, it's hard to explain and convey the depth of the value of the Festival. We feel its greater than the stated value, so we leave room for a post-Festival donation: for those who feel there was more value and want to contribute 🤍
Children's ticket
110 euro
  • Participation in the children's entertainment programme of the Festival during all days, during all main activities and adult classes (quest/workshops/performance, etc.).
  • Memory box (a box of artefacts that children will collect throughout the programme)
  • Children's festival merchandise
  • Children's table
Volunteer ticket
  • Partial participation in Festival activities
  • Festival merchandise
  • Accommodation for the duration of the Festival

We ask for 5-6 volunteer hours during the 3 days of the Festival, 2-3 hours 1 day before and 1 day after the Festival.

We are looking for volunteers for the positions of
  • hospitality
  • technician (you will insure the proper operation of all equipment during the Festival)
  • children's volunteer
  • and a few more people who will be part of the team on this journey
  • Receive confirmation of participation within 5 working days (we will select applications based on the stated values of the Festival).
  • Receive a ticket of the Festival participant
  • Pay the participation fee within the next 48 hours.